Master Certificate in Six Sigma - Healthcare

Through specific healthcare examples and case studies, this program teaches you how the unique problems in the healthcare industry can be solved using Six Sigma techniques. This proven methodology eliminates non value-added steps and reduces defects and variation, resulting in more efficient processes, better patient care and a stronger bottom line. Professionals discover how Six Sigma and Lean strategies fit into a larger management system and how to apply techniques to solve and prevent critical healthcare process issues.

Take all three Six Sigma courses and earn a Master Certificate in Six Sigma - Healthcare. Earning a master certificate demonstrates thorough Six Sigma knowledge and understanding, as well as a solid commitment to continuing education. Courses include:

Earn industry-recognized certifications through the worldwide leader in Six Sigma online education - Villanova University! You'll enjoy instant recognition, credibility and respect for your new credentials, which are the only Six Sigma certifications offered online. Plus you'll get immediate pass/fail results after the exam. Earning your Green Belt - Healthcare, Lean Sensei, and Lean Black Belt certification validates your commitment to quality, increases your earning potential, and offers you a competitive advantage in the workplace.

Learn from the Best!
Classes are taught by Susan McGann, who is President and CEO of Pivotal Healthcare Solutions. Susan was among the nation's first healthcare Six Sigma Master Black Belts, attaining success in all levels of the healthcare industry. She earned a BSN from the University of Delaware and an MBA from Drexel University.

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